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Our Sales Team

Travis Melton, President
Travis Melton
email: tmelton@complexchemical.com
(318) 574 - 0382

Vice-President/Sales & Marketing
Gene Kolin, Senior Sales Manager
Gene Kolin
email: gkolin@complexchemical.com

Senior Sales Representative

Our Team

Dedicated to your success

Mike Gibbs
Plant Manager
Extension 104

James Jones
Inventory & Safety Manager
Extension 102

Stacy Ratcliff
Accounting, Supply Chain Logistics
Extension 105

Amber Lopez
Shipping and Receiving GLycols, Brake Fluid & Antifreeze
Extension 100

Jody Vyvial
Liquid Bulk Traffic
Extension 113

Morgan Wallace
Inventory, Shipping Base Oil Products & Rail Car Shipments
Extension 101

David McHan
IT Operations & Quality Systems Specialist
Extension 122

Tim Sargent
Quality System Auditor
Extension 148

Rocky Fowler
Purchasing Agent
Extension 118

Lance Dunn
Laboratory Manager
Extension 121

Elizabeth Whitaker
Laboratory Supervisor
Extension 150

John Welch
Mechanical Integrity
Extension 108

Jared Harrell
Production, Distillation, Reaction and Blending Supervisor
Extension 124

Clay Ratcliff
Production Oil base Products
Extension 115

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