Operating since 1974


Complex Chemical Co., Inc. was founded September 14th, 1974. The company is located on a 37 acre site in the Madison Parish Port Industrial Park, Tallulah, Louisiana.  The company currently employs 120 people.

The site was choosen due to it’s Proximity to Kansas City Southern Railroad, a main east – west corridor (I-20) and the Mississippi River. It began operations in May 1975.

Since that time this family owned business has continued to grow and expand, always able to meet the challenges of economic down turns and changing market conditions. Through it all some things have remained the same.

Complex has built a solid reputation for providing consistent quality and service. This family owned company insures customers can get the help and service they need, when they need it.

Our company looks at each customer as a long term partner to form a working relationship that both parties benefit.

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